Dispute TypePlaintiff CounselDefendant CounselArbitratorAwardeeClosed
Residential Construction (B2C)Self Represented - Self Represented---William W Hopson Esq.Home Owner12/1/2010
302010000467Rubicon Construction, IncConsumerAAAAwarded6/22/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)---John Bellus - Stone & Bellus, PCWilliam W Hopson Esq.Home Owner12/14/2010
302010000476ConsumerSunTrust BankAAAAwarded6/1/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)Self Represented - Self Represented---Thomas C CollierHome Owner11/12/2010
302010000414ConsumerPulte Homes Tennessee Limited PartnershipAAAAwarded5/24/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)Jeffrey Spark - Jeffrey Spark Attorney at Law---Don L Smith Esq.Home Owner10/12/2010
162010000411ConsumerArchway Builders, lnc.AAAAwarded5/17/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)Self Represented - Self Represented---Lawrence M Prosen Esq.Home Owner10/29/2010
752010000221ConsumerCountry Homes LLC; Main Street Group LLCAAAAwarded4/28/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)Self Represented - Self Represented---Brenda Molner Esq.Home Owner8/10/2010
532010000359ConsumerFoundation & Home Services, Inc.AAAAwarded4/6/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)Self Represented - Self Represented---Mark I Wachter Esq.Home Owner12/15/2010
762010000115ConsumerDR Horton, Inc.AAAAwarded3/22/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)Stephen Weber - *Kasdan Simonds Weber & Vaughan---Marcia J Busching Esq.Home Owner7/19/2010
162010000226MTR Home Improvements, LLCConsumerAAAAwarded3/8/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)---James Rouse - Law offices of James L. RouseRobert M Wright Esq.Home Owner7/28/2010
752010000152ConsumerNational Home Insurance CompanyAAAAwarded3/8/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)Kelly Lonergan - Foster Pepper PLLC---Stephen L Nourse Esq.Home Owner7/27/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)Stewart Mims - Hicks, Mims, Kaplan & Burns---James A Stearman Esq.Home Owner7/29/2010
162010000205ConsumerHansen Design & Build LLCAAAAwarded3/1/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)Self Represented - Self Represented---Tarrant H Lomax Esq.Home Owner6/28/2010
302010000208National Home Insurance CompanyConsumerAAAAwarded2/23/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)---Gary Moore - Gary Moore Attorney At LawRobert H Green Esq.Home Owner8/4/2010
302010000199ConsumerHays ConstructionAAAAwarded2/15/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)Self Represented - Self Represented---Stewart Wright AikenHome Owner7/1/2010
522010000008A&W DevelopmentConsumerAAAAwarded1/10/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)---Self Represented - Self RepresentedMichael W Hayslip, PE Esq.Home Owner8/4/2010
162010000002Klimek and Casale PCConsumerAAAAwarded1/1/2010
Residential Construction (B2C)---Henry Meneely - Henry Meneely, Attorney at LawBrian C Parker Esq.Home Owner9/22/2010
742010000015Toll CA IX, LPConsumerAAAAwarded12/31/2009
Residential Construction (B2C)---Harry Price - Price Law FirmFred W Deklotz Esq.Home Owner8/3/2010
742009000935ConsumerCarefree Toland Pools, Inc.AAAAwarded11/23/2009
Residential Construction (B2C)Sebastian Miller - Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP---Karl E Droese Esq.Home Owner7/29/2010
522009000622ConsumerWestedge Center, Inc.AAAAwarded11/12/2009
Residential Construction (B2C)J. Bryan Nugen - J. Bryan Nugen, Attorney at Law---John Edward ModezjewskiHome Owner4/22/2010
552009000317Consumert/d/b/a R.G. LandscapingAAAAwarded11/9/2009
Residential Construction (B2C)David Acker - Law Office of David H. Acker---John D Hendricks Esq.Home Owner4/5/2010
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