Dispute TypePlaintiff CounselDefendant CounselArbitratorAwardeeClosed
011600031036ConsumerJP Morgan Chase*AAASettled7/28/2016
Employer Promulgated EmploymentWilliam Whiteman - Law Offices of William D. Whiteman---Sanford Jay Rosen Esq.---9/10/2018
011700055417ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAASettled9/18/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentL. Eugene Hallsted - Law Office of L. Eugene Hallsted---Robert D Coviello Esq.---8/30/2018
011800015624ConsumerJP Morgan Chase & CompanyAAADismissed4/18/2018
Employer Promulgated EmploymentSelf Represented - Self Represented---Melissa H Biren Esq.---8/28/2018
011700042541ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAASettled7/20/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentChanda Brown - Walton + Brown LLP---David T Ball Esq.---8/21/2018
011700065946ConsumerJP Morgan Chase & Co, The Corp Trust CoAAASettled10/31/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentGregg Rosenberg - Rosenberg & Sprovach---Hon. Susan S Soussan---8/8/2018
011600036746ConsumerJP Morgan Chase*AAADismissed8/29/2016
Employer Promulgated EmploymentSelf Represented - Self Represented---Patricia A Cullen Esq.---7/17/2018
011700008001ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAASettled2/7/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentStewart Karlin - The Law Offices of Stewart Lee Karlin---Ralph S Berger Esq.---7/17/2018
011600003293ConsumerJP Morgan Chase*AAASettled2/1/2016
Employer Promulgated EmploymentSarah Hernandez - Keith A. Fink & Associates---Robert D Coviello Esq.---6/15/2018
011700028354ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAASettled5/15/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentRussell Wheeler - Charny & Wheeler---Rosemary Angela Townley Esq.---6/14/2018
011600050938ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAADismissed11/21/2016
Employer Promulgated EmploymentJohn Marshall - Marshall and Forman LLC---Sarah Cole Esq.---6/7/2018
011500023363ConsumerJP Morgan Chase*AAAAwarded1/7/2015
Employer Promulgated EmploymentAustin Graff - The Scher LawFirm, LLP---Richard Adelman Esq.Business5/16/2018
011700034832ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAASettled6/15/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentXiaoyin Cao - Carmen D Caruso Law Firm---Hon. Arlander Keys---5/2/2018
011700019169ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAASettled4/3/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentJeffrey Basso - Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP---Martin F Scheinman---4/30/2018
011700028327ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAASettled5/15/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentHaik Beloryan - Haik Beloryan, Attorney at Law---Alexander S Polsky Esq.---4/16/2018
011700074162ConsumerJP Morgan Chase & Co, The Corp Trust CoAAASettled12/11/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentAli Crocker - Crocker Russell and Associates---Robert E Luxen Esq.---4/16/2018
011700038622ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAASettled6/30/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentMichael Tooley - Law Office of Michael R. Tooley---Hon. George A Finkle---4/4/2018
011700041704ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAASettled7/17/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentLiane Fisher - Fisher Taubenfeld, LLP---Howard C Edelman Esq.---3/29/2018
011700046226ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAASettled8/4/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentCheryl Legare - Legare, Attwood & Wolfe, LLC---Mark C Travis Esq.---3/23/2018
011400021866ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAASettled12/15/2014
Employer Promulgated EmploymentGregory Noble - O'Connor, Parsons Lane & Noble, LLC---Barbara Byrd Wecker Hon.---3/22/2018
011700060669ConsumerJP Morgan Chase Bank, NAAAADismissed10/10/2017
Employer Promulgated EmploymentStewart Karlin - The Law Offices of Stewart Lee Karlin---William L Kandel---3/22/2018